Season 2012


Last Saturday was the first meeting with other fanciers on the youngbirdday. This are my results, best yellow Norwich with this cock.

Best buff Norwich with this hen.

Best corona cock.

Second best corona cock.

Second best corona hen, I think it is a cock…

Third best corona hen.

Second best consort hen.

And at last this consort cock took place seven.


Variegated blue consort hen.

Variegated blue corona cock with a good type.

Lovely feather, variegated corona hen.

This corona hen shows a lot of type.

Cinnamon corona hen from the second round is started the moult.

Not a sharp picture, but a lovely Norwich hen.

This is a clear buff hen, sister of the one above.

A variegated buff Norwich hen

A white Norwich cock.

A cinnamon carrier buff Norwich cock.


First round young Norwich in the moult.

Secound round is starting the moult.

Lovely young Norwich, 3 weeks old.

The same youngster seen from above.

A yellow variegated Norwich from 3 weeks old.

First round variegared Gloster corona in the moult.

This blue corna cock is also from the first round.

Variegated corona hen, haevy in de moult.

The same with this variegated corona hen.

Close up from the corona.

An corona cock, before the moult.

Very nice cinnamon corona hen, 3 weeks old.


Unflighted ticked Norwich.

An unflighted variegated Norwich.

An young clear Norwich.

An unflighted variegated corona.

Variegated blue corona.

An variegated corona.


A nest of 4 consorts, I hope that the second round give some corona’s, the dad give before some beautifull corona’s.

A nest of 3 variegated Glosters.

A tpd corona, I think it will be a good corona, the blue consort is a bul.

A nest of 4 blue variegated Glosters.

A nest of 3 variegated Glosters.

This is a nest with 3 Norwich from a cinnamon Norwich hen. So I hope it will be cocks.

A nest with 3 Norwich.

A nest of 4 young Norwich.

Again a nest with young Norwich.

This is one of the eldest Norwich from this year. You can see that the head is growing well.


Looking back at 2011. This variegated blue corona hen has won the Twentse Glosterdag, she won from 1250 Gloster, the biggest Glostershow ever in Holland.

Her sister was the best blue at the E.N.G.S. Glostershow at Hoofddorp and the best blue corona at the rayonshow M-N at Meteren.

This variegated consort cock had already won his class at the BPC Antwerp, he also won his class at the rayonshow M-N at Meteren.

This variegated corona hen did won the best Gloster at the rayonshow M-N at Meteren. Het sister won the Glosterdag at Veenendaal.

A blue Norwich cock, the 3e best from the blue section Norwichday at Nijkerk and the 3e best buff at the rayonshow M-N.

The best yellow Norwich at the rayonshow M-N.

This Norwich hen was the 2e best buff at the rayonshow M-N.

This Norwich hen was the 2e best yellow Norwich at the rayonshow M-N.

Season 2011


The first round is almost finisht, here 4 Glosters, 3 cinnamon and 1 tpd.

A nest of 3 Glosters, blue variegated.

A nest of 4 variegated Glosters.

The Norwich are doing well with here a nest of 4 youngsters.

A nest of 3 Norwich, 2 white and 1 variegated.


A young ticked Norwich.

A young clear white Norwich.

A young variegated Norwich

A young yellow cinnamon corona.

A young blue variegated corona, is been picked.


A young Norwich from the first round, you can see the colour come into the feather.

The following three unfligted Norwich are from the second round and from the same nest.

A dark variegated Norwich, good round and short body.

The third youngster is a blue variegated, strecking on the perch.

A young corona from the first round who allready shows a good body and crest.

This variegated corona youngster shows a good deep brest and will get a full crest

A young corona from the first round, not quickly with the moult.

A nice young corona from the first round.


A nice unflighted variegated corona hen

the same hen, view from the other site.

A sister with a lovely feather.

This tpd corona hen has also a good feather.

An unflighted light variegated corona cock.

A nice young corona cock.

A blue variegated consort cock.

An unflighted variegated consort cock.

From the last youngsters this year, an blue variegated Norwich.

The first round Norwich show there colour.

A lovely unflighted buff Norwich cock.

Another unflighted variegated buff Norwich cock.


The first youngsters are looking good, like these buff Norwich hen.

The same Norwich hen seeing from the side.

An unflighted yellow cinnamon corona cock, good body and crest.

The same cock, the same story.

An unflighted variegated yellow consort cock.

An unflighted variegated buff consort hen.


Young bird day at Elst, the best corona hen.

The best corona cock.

The best consort cock.

And the best Norwich.

BPC Antwerp, the best variegated consort cock and the best yellow corona cock.

Glosterday at Veenendaal, the best flighted other colour corona cock.

The best unflighted yellow corona cock.

The best unflighted variegated corona hen. She was also the best corona of the show.



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