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American Norwich club 

German site with typecanaries 

South-Dutch typecanary club 

German Fife Fancy homepage 

Schottish homepage with old type canary pictures

Danish typecanary homepage 

Australian typecanary site

Dutch birdlovers association

American Gloster homepage, Donald Perez

Belgian Norwich Club

The Columbus Fancy Canary

International Gloster Breeders Association

Dutch canary site

The Yorkshire Canary Club

Brian's Yorkshire Canary page

Southern Lizard Canary Club

Philippe Bonjean's Yorkshire site

Homepage of Erwin Kampen

Gloster homepage of Bert Hummel

Yorkshire homepage of Barry Murphy

Schottish Norwich club

Homepage of Jan Davie

Gloster homepage of Michel Hommersom

German Crest homepage of Wolter Nijboer

North of England Gloster club

Homepage of Benny with Glosters

Homepage of Andre van de Sande with type canaries

Yorkshire homepage of Tony Ruiz

Border homepage of Darren Waterhouse

Gloster homepage of Andre Ganzevles

Border homepage of Ruud Bakker

Canaryclub homepage of Gerrit van Geffen

Typecanary homepage of fam. Schoolmeesters

Bird association 't Vinkie

Universal Dutch typecanary association

Canary homepage of Wout van Gils

Scottish Norwich Plainhead Club

Gloster and Crest homepage of Christine and Pim van Schijndel

German homepage with different typecanary pictures

Yorkshire homepage of Patrick Schmidt

First German Yorkshire Canarien Club

Terry Kelly's Fife canaries homepage

Gloster homepage of B.B.M. Mense

German crest, Norwich en colorcanary homepage of Thomas Müller

Italian Gloster homepage of Pietro Tellaroli and Maurizio Roncarati

Gloster homepage of Arie van der Klift

Bird association Edelzang / Twentse Glosterday

Gloster homepage of Patrick Barros

Gloster homepage of Miguel Angelo Soares

Crest homepage of Nick Hall

Gloster homepage of Allevatore Renato Bonaldo

Cleveland Gloster stud homepage

Gloster homepage of Robert Larochelle

Homepage of the Twentse Gloster Day

Homepage Zang en Kleur / First Dutch Gloster Special Club

Homepage of Jan van 't Westeinde

Homepage of René Schonewille

Gloster homepage of Herman Leysens

Type canarysite of Bert Claeskens

Norwich homepage of Jos Beckx

Crest and Gloster homepage of Mark Clappers

Homepage of Drachtsterbirdfriends

Club Italiano Razza Spagnola

Glostersite of Dirk van den Hater

Glostersite of Ronald Meerwijk

Norwich and Crestsite of Ruud Boxem

Type canary site of Jan Boons

NPC Norwich site

Norwich site of Ufuk Buyurgan

Gloster site of Giorgio Pons

German Norwich club

Italian Gloster site

Gloster site of Fons Rosendaal

American I.G.B.A.

Gloster site of Dirk Hulleman

Site of B.P.C. Oost-Vlaanderen

Norwich homepage of A. Nottet

Gloster site of Garrat

Rheinländer site of Mark Clappers

Gloster site of Marios Basilopoulos

Norwich and Gloster site of Luc Michiels

Fife fancy and Yorkshire site of Jo Brauns

Gloster site of  B. Alexander

Gloster site of  Marc and Mia de Keyser

Type Canarie site of Jean Pierre Gacoms

Gloster site of Gregor Pott

Gloster site of Ludo Lenaers

Gloster site of Rene Alssema

Gloster site of Hennie Baghus

Homepage of Hub Bakker

Homepage of Frans Glosters

Homepage of father and son Janssen

Homepage of Rui Soles

Homepage of Henri Mels

Homepage of Bert Munneke’s Gloster showcage.

Gloster homepage of Jan Willems

Gloster homepage of Kevin Stoakes

Norwich homepage of Paul van der Bor

Lizard homepage of Jac Gubbels

Type canary homepage of Hans Hermans

Norwich homepage of Herluf Grønlund

Belgische Bulten Groep Oost Vlaanderen

Gloster Kempentrofee

Gloster homepage of Walter Wedig

Border website UK

Gloster homepage of Johan Christianen

Gloster homepage of Tom Raes


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