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Breeding number BZ69 

I've had canaries since 1970 and started with Glosters in 1977 and Norwichs in 1978. I;ve had these two breeds ever since. I have a huge interest in type canaries and have had several other breeds in my birdroom. It was only natural that I went up for type canary judge in the 80's. Unfortunately I was forced to quit right before my finale exams because my boss at the time wouldn't give me time off to do the things needed for a judge. So I put all my energy in my own birds. It is my goal to breed Glosters and Norwichs as close as I can get to the general standards. The photos shown are birds I have bred myself in the last couple of years. I decided to colour the Norwichs in 1999, using Bogena Intensief and since 2003 Orlux Gold Patee rood. This because many non coloured birds don''t fall in the prizes at exhibitions, even though many fanciers prefer non coloured to coloured. I must add that I do compete abroad.

Photos taken off this site may only be used while mentioning the original source.

For questions concerning my birds or information on the breeds, you can mail me at the address below.


Tel. 0031(0)172-617664


Polderbrink 21

2411 ZM Bodegraven

The Netherlands


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