The Gloster

A nice short compact bird which has won on popularity trough itís crest [corona]. Also the consort [without crest] is an appealing bird. The feather quality is very important. If itís not good, you will see it immediately on the Crest. At exhibitions you will find many fanciers of the Gloster which contributes to the competition factor. Describing the Gloster would take a lot of room, besides there are several books whoíve already done it. The most well-known is N. Barrettís book which has been translated in several Languages.

This comes highly recommended and you can find everything you want to know about the Gloster canary. So Iíll let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope youíll get a good impression together with the judging cards below.

As you can see there are different judging cards. The one above is from the ANPV and the two below are from the Dutch Organization. There are differences in the judging points, 5 points in the carriage and another 5 points in the condition or general impression. The coloured cards belong to the English judging method in which they place the 7 best birds in a row, without giving these birds points. The advantage of judging this way is that the birds are placed next to each other and are shifted until the best bird in at front. A disadvantage is that there are no judging cards written which could be helpful to a beginning fancier .The judge would give his view on the bird as seen on the examples. Again a disadvantage of the judging card is that the birds are judged separately. This makes it possible that birds receive the same amount of points even though the one is clearly better than the other.

Eventually itís all about one thing and that is the best result weíre all striving for.

 Pictures from my Glosters can you find at: " Gloster pictures".

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